Meadow keeps up the pace with 1ppl increase from Nov'17

Meadow Foods has confirmed it is increasing its milk price by a further 1ppl from Nov’17. This being the 4th consecutive monthly increase since Aug’17 (3.85ppl total) takes the company’s total milk price increase to 6.6ppl (including the 0.4ppl reduction for May’17).

With the penny being added to the flat rate element in the price schedule the increase takes our liquid litre—4%b/f & 3.3% prot. Bactoscans of 30,000/ml & SCC’s of 200,000/ml, 1mltrs/yr on EODC but before seasonality, monthly profile payments, balancing, B price inclusions, capital retentions or annual incentive schemes not directly linked to dairy market price movement—up from 30ppl to 31.0ppl with this price now just 1.55ppl off the company’s all-time high of 32.55ppl paid in Jan’14.

Our manufacturing standard litre—4.2% blf & 3.4% prot with the same hygiene, volume and collection, terms and conditions etc—increases from 30.38ppl to 31.38ppl for Chester and from 30.25ppl to 31.25ppl for Cumbria.

With the ‘B’ Price for August confirmed at 35ppl the company has held the range for September at between 33ppl and 36ppl.

Chief Executive at Meadow Foods, Mark Chantler, said: “This latest move is a further reflection of the strengthening milk market and our commitment to pass back to you any positive price improvements as soon as possible. Going forward we will continue to monitor the situation very closely and hope that its continued improvement will allow us to move our price further forward in due course.” 

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